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Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions for Accommodation Rental


TORETA TRAVEL, tourism and services trade, Marijana Grdovića 4, 23206 Sukošan (hereinafter: TORETA), is a travel agency specialized in agency activities in private accommodation rental. TORETA concludes agency contracts for the provision of accommodation directly with the property owners.

The authenticity of images and data related to the characteristics of the accommodation units, which are available on the website, is the responsibility of the unit owners.
These General Terms and Conditions are the basis for the resolution of any disputes, and the client is strongly advised to read them carefully.



Enquiries are placed by e-mail (, via the contact form on the website, or in person at the TORETA office. Each enquiry should contain the basic criteria on the basis of which the employees of TORETA will create a quote (at minimum the time period, number of people, their age, preferred location, as well any other special requirements). If necessary, you can contact us by phone, but the final enquiry must be in written form.



The client provides personal data voluntarily. Personal data is required to process and execute the requested services, and will be used for further communication. TORETA shall not disclose personal data outside the company or to a third party, except for the purpose of providing the requested services. The client agrees that their personal data may be used for the promotional offers of TORETA TRAVEL.



The booking can be paid by bank transfer (bank charges paid by the client) or in the TORETA office.
To confirm the booking, the client pays 30% of the total booking amount.
The remaining difference from the total value of the booking is to be paid by the client upon arrival, in cash, directly to the property owner, or in exceptional cases, no later than 30 days before arrival to the TORETA bank account.

TORETA transfers the executed payments to the owners of accommodation units, and therefore, in the event of cancellation, TORETA does not return the payments executed prior to that.
Clients are recommended to arrange their own travel insurance covering trip cancellation.

The payment of 30% of the agreed price for accommodation booking is binding. After the payment, TORETA delivers a written booking confirmation via e-mail, which confirmation shall indicate all the necessary information on the accommodation (voucher). The receipt of the advance payment of 30%
of the agreed price is considered to be the conclusion of a rental agreement between the client and the owner, with the mediation of TORETA. The General Terms and Conditions, which the client accepts by paying the advance payment, constitute an integral part of the rental agreement.
If the advance payment is not executed within 3 days of the booking date, TORETA is authorized to offer the same accommodation to other guests, without special notice to the client.



The prices published on the TORETA website vary from unit to unit, and are specified for each accommodation unit. The prices are quoted in euros. The price of private accommodation includes: daily rental of the unit, linens, fully equipped kitchen with dishes and utensils, water, electricity and gas consumption (with the exception of certain accommodation units of Robinson-style tourism or accommodation units offered under other conditions).
Additional services are those services that are provided in the accommodation unit, but not included in the rental price (meals, washing machine, rent a boat, boat mooring, etc.), hence the guest pays them separately and provided they are actually used. If TORETA has a service price list, it will be published on the website. If TORETA does not have a service price list, the prices shall be agreed directly with the service provider.

Given the fact that some additional services depend on the availability of the accommodation (e.g. food, pets, use of additional beds …), and considering that any additional services (e.g. boat, boat mooring, internet…) may not always be available, the client is obliged to report the preferred additional services when making the booking.

The client will have to pay a cash deposit before occupying the rented accommodation unit, directly to the service provider. The deposit is a guarantee for the service provider that the client will not cause any damage in the rented unit. On the day of departure, the client’s deposit will be refunded in full, but only after the service provider has determined that the client has returned the rented accommodation unit in the condition in which it was taken.

All the prices listed on the website are informative and relate to different minimum numbers of overnights. The client shall receive an accurate calculation after the submitted enquiry.



The standards of accommodation, food, services, etc. for certain destinations and countries are different and are not comparable. The information obtained at the point of sale does not bind TORETA. Any dispute shall be resolved directly with the owner of the accommodation unit, who is responsible for the content posted on TORETA. The client is required to notify the agency if the published data are incorrect.

On the day of arrival, the clients are to arrive at the accommodation unit after 16:00 (4:00 pm), and on the day of departure they should leave the accommodation unit before 10:00 am unless otherwise agreed. The service provider prepares the accommodation unit for the arrival of new guests.
The key to the rented unit is provided to the client at the facility by the service provider or a person in charge of the accommodation.



The client may change an already defined booking only if the service provider agrees. The client may offer another guest as their replacement, for the same period, at the same price and under the same conditions. After the agency has received all the required information on the new guest, TORETA conveys the right to rent the accommodation to the new guest, in which case the new guest should send to the agency a written confirmation of acceptance of the accommodation rental, and of the General Terms and Conditions.
TORETA shall reserve for itself the previously paid amount for the accommodation, and the new guest is obliged to pay the remainder of the total price, depending on the previously selected mode of payment.
Additional changes of accommodation are not possible, and all received payments shall be withheld.

If the client wishes to cancel the booking, they must do so in writing (e-mail).
If the facility is not available for rent due to a force majeure, such as earthquake, flood, fire, etc. TORETA and the owner are not responsible for cancelled bookings. If possible, the client will be offered alternative accommodation or a reimbursement of the already paid amount.
If the client does not arrive until 20:00 (8:00 pm) on the day of arrival, and does not inform either TORETA or the service provider about the delay, the booking will be considered cancelled. In the event that the service provider has in the meantime received other guests, the client has no right to appeal and shall lose the right to any refund.



If the accommodation booking cannot be realized for reasons which TORETA cannot influence, because of a serious breach of the contract by the owner or for other reasons for which TORETA is not liable, TORETA is authorized to cancel the booking, and the owner shall immediately reimburse the client for the previously paid amount. If the client so wishes, they will be offered another, similar accommodation for the same price.



The client is required:
to have valid travel documents for each person (including travel documents for children and the documents required for pets). The cost of any loss or theft of documents is to be covered by the client;
to check whether their entry into the Republic of Croatia or transit countries require a visa. TORETA does not provide visa related services, and reserves the right to keep the amount already paid if the client is not issued with the necessary documents to enter the Republic of Croatia;
on the day of arrival to pay directly to the owner to outstanding amount, if not done before.

to come to the accommodation unit in the exact number and structure of persons as announced to the agency. If more people or of different structure arrive at the
accommodation unit than indicated on the voucher, the service provider has the right to withhold services for the unannounced guests or seek extra payment for them;

to announce the arrival of any pets, for which the service provider needs to provide their express consent. The service provider has the right to refuse service to clients if the clients have not announced in advance that the accommodation will also be used by their pet.
to inform TORETA of all relevant facts that may affect their stay in the booked accommodation unit (e.g. allergies and diseases, disability, arrival by vehicle of non-standard size, need for non-standard bed length, special conditions of nutrition if the client is ordering food and so on.)
to obey the house rules in the rented accommodation unit and cooperate with service providers in good faith.

In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the client may be denied the booked accommodation without the right to any refund and without the right to compensation.



Luggage is transported at own risk, and it is therefore recommended to insure the luggage with an insurance company.
TORETA is not responsible for any damaged or lost luggage or for any theft of luggage in the accommodation unit. Any report of damaged, lost or stolen luggage is to be submitted to the service provider and to the local police station.

TORETA is unable to accept a cancellation of booking with reimbursement for health reasons or for reasons of hospitalization because the received payments are immediately forwarded to the unit owner. In this case, the client should ask for a refund from the service provider. If the client wishes to avoid the loss of the amount paid for the booking, we recommend purchasing insurance against cancellation or insurance in case of health problems directly from an insurance company. The agency is not responsible for the insurance terms that the customer receives from the insurance company.



Any complaints related to the accommodation unit, including complaints of inauthenticity of the published photos or inaccurately presented data related to the rented accommodation unit, as well as complaints of clutter or dirt in the rented unit, should be submitted by the client directly to the owner of the accommodation unit, who is responsible thereof. TORETA is not responsible for the client’s dissatisfaction in such cases.

However, the agency will, in the case the client’s expressed dissatisfaction, make every effort to influence the owner of the accommodation unit to correct the reported deficiencies, and will do everything in its power for the client’s complaints, as well as any misunderstanding and disagreement between the client and the owner of the accommodation unit, to be resolved to their mutual satisfaction. TORETA is not responsible if the owner of the unit still fails to eliminate the reported deficiencies, and if despite all its efforts it fails to resolve any misunderstanding and disagreement between the client and the owner of the unit.

Any requirements in terms of accommodation, requirements for any compensation of damages, refund, etc., shall be submitted by the client to the owner of the accommodation unit, who is wholly liable thereof.
TORETA is not responsible for any damage that the client may have suffered during their stay at the property for any reason, either material or non-material damage, and the client is in turn obliged to act responsibly, and if possible not to leave any minor children unattended.



The parties shall attempt to resolve any dispute amicably. If the parties fail to resolve the dispute, they agree to resolve the dispute at the competent court in Zadar.

For anything not specified in these General Terms and Conditions, the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatian shall apply.

TORETA reserves the right to change these General Terms and Conditions.
The only authentic and valid version of the General Terms and Conditions is the one in Croatian language, which version will solely and exclusively apply and be applicable for interpretation in case of any dispute.